Other Services

Preschool Speech and Language Screenings:  NEW This Fall!!  Kids Talk Time is happy to offer Preschool Speech and Language Screenings!  We provide these onsite at preschools and can screen as many little ones that sign up.  Screenings are $15/child and provide valuable insight regarding their individual speech and language development!  

Speaking Engagements/Workshops:  Throughout my experience, I have provided talks and workshops to parents, educators, therapists, and community organizations in many areas of child development.  Some topics that may be of interest to you…

  • Child Development 101:  Review of Child Development with Examples to Foster Growth During Each Developmental Phase
  • Language and Literacy Connection: Looking further into the role language development plays in learning to read as well as discussing five crucial pre-reading skills children need to learn during the preschool years.
  • Language In the Everyday:  Using Language Facilitation Techniques in Everyday Routines and Happenings
  • Toys that Teach:  How to Evaluate and Choose the Best Toys for Your Child

Parent Consultations:  I offer a wide range of parent consultation services either in person or by phone, which can help have a positive impact on your child’s overall development.  Both parents of typically developing children as well as parents of children with developmental delays can benefit from this service.   Areas of focus with my parent consultations include…

  • Child Development Q & A:  Wondering if your child’s development is on track? Or maybe your child already has a diagnosis and you need help navigating your way through all the childhood services out there?  I can observe your child in your home and then make appropriate recommendations as to how to build upon their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Language Learning:  Looking to boost your child’s overall language skills?  I can teach you functional language facilitation techniques to use with your child on a daily basis that will improve their overall ability to understand and express language. 
  • Playtime Revisited:  Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s playtime or lack of?  Too many toys and wondering why your child never seems to want to actually play with them? I can take a look at both your everyday routines and toy collection in order to help you set up a more effective home learning environment for your child.  

To inquire about fees for any of the services listed above and check availability,  please contact me at kelly@kidstalktime.com or by clicking here.


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