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Wife, Mom to two precious little girls, and Speech-Language Pathologist who is passionate about helping all children develop their very best communication skills while making learning fun, creative and meaningful along the way!
Using Art for Speech Development

YES!  I said that right!  You most certainly can use ART to enhance a child’s speech and language development!  I do it all the time, with my clients and my own kids too. Most children love art.  They love exploring … Continue reading

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The Power of Play

Maria Montessori, one of the last century’s most respected educators, said it best “play is the work of children.”  She could not have said it better.  Play is so important in the lives of our little ones.  It lays the … Continue reading

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Tips for Engaging the Youngest Readers

You don’t have to look far when trying to find information on the importance of reading to children at young ages.  Studies after studies have shown how important it is for not only language growth but overall intelligence as well. … Continue reading

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Early Milestones for Speech and Language Development

Retrieved from May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!!  In honor of this,  I thought now would be a good time to review some of the normal milestones for early speech and language development.  Listed below are just a FEW … Continue reading

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What Moms of Children Who Have Autism May or May Not Tell You

Over the course of my career I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of children who fall somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, way too many to count.  These children are amazing to watch as they tackle the everyday normal obstacles … Continue reading

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