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That special time of year is here…time for nature walking, kite flying, and EGGS!  I am always suggesting to my families who are wanting to try some new activities with their children to use what they already have on hand,  to keep it simple for themselves.  If they keep it simple, then I know they will focus more on the time spent interacting with their children rather than the time spent actually preparing the activity.  So what do many of us have on hand in our homes right now?  EGGS!

Here are a couple of simple ideas for you that will keep the fun going long after the egg hunts and egg dying are finished.  I have enjoyed doing some of these with my clients and my own children too.

Welcome the birds with a colorful Egg Bird Feeder.  Dip egg in peanut butter, roll in seed, and tie to a tree.  This is an easy 3-step activity that not only will your little one get to practice following simple directions, but they will also get to use those key sequential words First, Next, and Last as they complete the process.   If you hang the feeder outside a window, you’ll have even more fun talking about all of the different birds you will see enjoying their special treat.


Go on an Egg Carton Picnic.  Have fun selecting all of the different picnic items that will fit in the eggs, pack up, and go!  This is so easy to take to a park or enjoy in your own backyard.  Relax and enjoy some extra conversation with your little one.

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After all the eggs have been dyed and you are finished with them, break off the shells and crumble into pieces.  Grab some glue and inspire your little artist to create an EGG SHELL MOSAIC.  With this activity you’ll get to use all kinds of descriptive words as they make their masterpiece!


Now that Winter is behind us, I’m sure we can all find some extra inspiration to connect in fun new ways with our little ones.   This Winter was WAY too long.  Have fun making new discoveries together as we welcome this beautiful time of year.  Above all,  remember to keep it simple and have fun!  

Happy Spring!


**Disclaimer:  All communication tips offered in the blog are not meant to substitute for professional speech and language services if your child qualifies for them.  They are meant for educational purposes only,  to provide simple examples of ways to promote speech and language development in children.

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Wife, Mom to two precious little girls, and Speech-Language Pathologist who is passionate about helping all children develop their very best communication skills while making learning fun, creative and meaningful along the way!
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