Spring Hunting

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I LOVE getting my girls outside to play and explore on nice days.  The weather has gone from freezing to roasting over the past couple weeks and I think Mother Nature has decided to finally settle down a bit and let us enjoy some REAL Spring temps!  One of our favorite outdoor activities to do together this time of year is to go on Nature Hunts.  Here is a little collection of some that we’ve done in the past and some more we’d like to try.

Not sure what to do with those old egg cartons??  This is one of my favorite ideas I found via Pinterest that we did last year.  It’s one you can do right in your own backyard!

Egg Carton Nature Hunt

This looks like another fun one, especially if you happen to be working on colors.

Outside Color Nature Hunt

This one would be perfect for a budding reader and photographer.  My oldest would love this!

Spring Photo Scavenger Hunt

I love how this one uses most of the 5 senses to describe the items found.

Senses Nature Hunt

This last one is something I threw together at the last minute last weekend when my girls and I had an afternoon to spend at a local Botanical Garden.  They put it on their clipboards and crossed off each item they saw.  There was an additional page to draw extra things they saw.

Signs of Spring Nature Hunt

Hope you are able to steal some of these ideas and get outside and discover with your child. If you are heading out the door last minute and don’t have time to print anything off, don’t worry, just grab a bag and go!  They will have plenty of fun discovering and filling their bags with all kinds of treasures to talk about.

When you go on your hunt, try and let your child lead YOU.  There are no real rules, the communication opportunities are endless so it’s a perfect activity to really take a step back and follow your child’s lead.  Wait for them to discover and talk about new things, adding your response AFTER they comment first on something.  You never know what they’ll find!


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